Country Club of Orlando golf course reopens this weekend

country club orlandoEllen and I are excited that the Country Club of Orlando will be reopening this weekend after being closed for renovations since April of this year.

We are anxious to head back out and see the improvements.  Play starts this weekend however we will not be able to start working on our handicap until sometime next week.  Our schedules are packed with UCF football and our office party approaching.


Check out a new downtown restaurant. Ace Cafe

Ace Cafe

Ellen and I plus several of our riding friends have discovered a new place to hang out prior to or after a ride.  Ace Cafe is a neat place downtowace cafe orlandon Orlando that offers a variety of events, a restaurant and more.

We have been there on Saturday and Sunday mornings and just weekly attended a Thursday bike night.  Hundreds of riders and their cool bikes were in attendance.

Check out Ace Cafe.

Pet friendly homes near Orlando

Pet friendly

For many of us, the love and pet friendly home for salecompanionship of our beloved pets truly make our house a home. It is important when shopping for a new home or condo that you carefully view the home making sure it is pet friendly.

The following are suggestions to keep in mind when you are searching for a pet friendly home for sale.

  • Consider homes that offer stain-resistant ceramic tile, Pergo, linoleum or hardwood.
  • Does the home have an area to clean your pet prior to entering the main body of the house? A garage or mud type room might be perfect to clean up the pet in your family prior to it tracking in the remnants of the outside.
  • Check garages, crawl spaces, basements and utility sheds for exposed wiring that your pet may find to chew on.
  • Identify poisonous plants in yards and gardens that will need to be removed.
  • Take a look up, does the home have safe balconies? Can your pet slip through during play?
  • Keep your pets enjoyment in mind, are the windows easily accessible so your pet can lounge for hours on the window sill daydreaming?
  • Are there parks and walking trails nearby for the all important exercise of both you and your pet?
  • Check the fencing for gaps, holes or breaks where your pet might try and escape.
  • Pool home? Consider a child gate for protection.
  • Does the potential new home’s yard have an area of shade and room to roam?

Be sure to contact one of our professional staff and we will assist you in finding the perfect pet friendly home for sale for you, your family and your pets. 407-304-0255 or 407-765-4884

Selling a second home near Orlando

Selling a second home

There you are in New York, California, Canada or overseas reading about the Florida real estate market. You may be wondering how your property is doing in regards to appreciation, value and potential for selling. Perhaps you bought a second, or vacation home in years past, that you seldom use or bought just for investment reasons. Now you find yourself needing to sale.

The problem is being an absentee owner, who are you going to contact to assist you with this sale? It’s not like your local newspaper is inundated with ads from Florida Realtors offering their services. Here are a few suggestions to help you in selling property that you may own in Florida or any other state other than your own.

Choosing a REALTOR

It is important to make sure the Realtor you are considering is experienced, knows the market and can be trusted to provide you with the best possible service. You are hundreds or thousands of miles away, trust is especially important with this real estate transaction.

  • Will it be priced right to allow you to gain the most profit from your sale.
  • Will all paperwork be handled in a professional manner, be delivered to you in a timely way by mail, fax, nationwide courier service or e-mail?
  • Is there a toll free number available when only a phone call will do?
  • Does the Realtor possess the knowledge to procure a buyer for your particular property and the skill to bring the transaction to a successful closing?
  • Does this Realtor work for a company that can provide the additional services to make your transaction smooth and stress free.
  • Is this company a member of a National Relocation network, increasing the chances that additional buyers and Realtors from around the world will have an opportunity to gain information about your property?
  • Is there a menu of additional services available, an in-house mortgage company, an in-house title company, several offices and associates for greater exposure?

Watson Realty Corp. and I have  provided each and every customer the type of legendary quality service that our customers desire and should expect. Call or e-mail me today to determine if I am the right Realtor to help sell your property from afar. 407-304-0255

Mistakes that can cost when buying or selling a home near Orlando

Avoid these mistakes buying and selling a home near Orlando

There are various components to buying or selling a home that need to be considered throughout the process. Often times just knowing who to call about a situation or issue can save a buyer or seller time and money and help them avoid mistakes that cost.


Home sellers today need to be concerned with pricing more than ever. Listing a home at the wrong price initially could cost the homeowner money down the line. Not recognizing or adjusting the price to an ever-changing market condition often is the difference between sold and expired.


Home buyers will want to be confident that they are viewing and considering homes that are the best deals given the area conditions. Homes that remain on the market longer than the average need closer examination to determine the reason or reasons in order for the purchaser to buy with confidence.

Smooth transactions

Contacting and taking advantage of the home buying and home selling services we offer can help a buyer or seller navigate these areas so as not to make a costly mistake. We are familiar with all aspects of a transaction that need to be addressed and handled in a timely manner. Inspections, mortgage payoffs, interest rates, title issues, contract contingencies, short sales, pre-foreclosure situations and pricing concerns are areas where we specialize in assisting our customers so that costly mistakes are less likely to occur.

Give us a call, 407-765-4885 cell.

We suggest you check out this cool Orlando Pub; The Hammered Lamb

near orlando pubA couple of weeks back, Ellen and I took our neighbor and good friend, Debbie, out for a bite to eat and a few drinks.  Ellen and I had been to the Hammered Lamb once before and this would be Debbie’s first time.

It is a cute little pub located on North Orange Avenue and the two times we have been there, there is always a good crowd. It is close enough to where we live (Country Club of Orlando area), that you could walk or ride your bike as we had done in the past.

fun at hammered lambGood music, good food, and good crowd makes for a fun night.  Check it out.

Orlando and the Central Florida area is great for a Sunday motorcycle ride!

riding harley orlando

Ellen and I enjoy riding our Harley with friends whenever we have a chance.  The great thing about living in Orlando is that there are plenty of places to ride near Orlando and throughout Central Florida.  This past Sunday we took the back roads to Chases, located on the beach in New Smyrna Beach.

It was a fun afternoon, the weather was perfect and so many people were out enjoying the beautiful Florida weather.

Are you someone that enjoys riding motorcycles?  We would encourage you to purchase a home in our area and come ride with us!