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Elton John concert canceled due to ear infection

Elton John concert canceled due to ear infection

  • Food and soft drinks $42.00
  • Parking $20.00
  • Being told the concert was cancelled well after the official start time.  Frustrating

elton john show canceled

Once the announcement of Elton John’s ear infection and cancellation of the show was made around 8:15-8:20, I was surprised by the number of people who remained seated, as if they were expecting someone in authority, maybe Elton himself,  to shout; “April Fools”.

The 8 people sitting between us and the aisle finally started moving begrudgingly, except for the couple directly next to us.  They made it clear that they were not leaving until, as the lady spoke up, they; “finished their $30.00 beers”.  On the way out, we did hear some folks that seemed overly upset, but most of the concert goers seemed to take it in stride even if a little confused.

I have received an email from Ticketmaster stating the concert will be rescheduled and if we want, we can get a refund.  We will pass on the refund so, feel better Elton, we will see you soon.

Our new home buyers will enjoy their new home on Lake Crescent in Windermere.

Our buyers purchased a home on Lake Crescent in Windermere

happy lakefront home buyers

It has been our pleasure to assist Scott and Susan with the purchase of their beautiful Windermere lakefront home.  We know they will be enjoying the views and the amenities this home has to offer for many, many years to come.

Volunteer and receive a Disney 1 day pass!

If you volunteer a day at a participating organization across the country you will earn a free 1 day, 1 park pass from Disney as part of their Give a Day Get a Day program.


You can find more information and you must pre-register and sign up through Disney’s site


Volunteer opportunities include working with:

  • Animals
  • Arts
  • Children
  • Community
  • Education
  • Health
  • Homeless
  • Senior Citizens


Visit the site and sign up today!

Hotels and Restaurants Near Orlando Receive Regular Inspections

Hotels and restaurants throughout Florida including those in or near the Orlando are subject to unannounced regular inspections to assure that sanitation and safety practices are adhered to.


Visitors can check out the results of these inspections before booking a hotel room or dining at an area restaurant by visiting:


If you are planning on visiting the Orlando area and plan on staying at one of our local hotels, check out the hotel inspection search site.