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We have always had a fun time at the Post Time Lounge near Orlando

Post Time Lounge review

post time lounge near orlando

Every time we have visited the Post Time Lounge, we have had a good time.  Typically the music being played by a local band is 70-80’s and the dance floor is just big enough for some arm swinging dad dancing.

The Lounge is located at the corner of 17-92 and Dogtrack Rd. in Longwood.

It is always crowded when we have gone so seating and parking can be an issue but once inside, the service has been good and the beer cold.  We usually arrive late so we have never ordered food.

I am sure the Lounge is not for everyone but I if you are looking for middle to late aged folks cutting the rug, in my opinion, this is one of the places to check out.