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Treating our customers to beautiful and tasty cakes from The Glass Knife

glass knife winter parkThese delicious cakes were purchased this morning in Winter Park at The Glass Knife.  This cake and cafe establishment is located at 276 S. Orlando, Winter Park, near Orlando.

We bought the cakes this morning to treat our customers signing papers to purchase a newly built home near  Championsgate. They look and taste amazing!





Plumbing Leak! American Home Shield to the rescue!

plumbing leak fixed by AHSAmerican Home Shield fixed our plumbing leak

Ellen and I are thankful that we have kept an American Home Shield Home Warranty on the house.  This year has been a perfect example of the benefits of havingplumbing leak AHS an AHS warranty.

The photos in this post are of an area where we developed a major plumbing leak.  Yes, that is a hardwood floor saturated with water from the leak.  As you can see the plumber needed to cut a hole in our wall in order to access the area in need of repair.

Plumbing repairs are not cheap.  Because we had a warranty, we were able to call our AHS service number and almost immediately, they sent us a plumber that was located near Orlando.  Leak fixed!

We love American Home Shield and our rep, Teri Pryor.  Call us if you would like more information about AHS or any other real estate questions!

Ellen Thunell and Greg Staker
Watson Realty Corp.

The Great Escape Room in Orlando

great escape orlandoThe Great Escape Room in Orlando

Last night, Ellen and I joined friends at a downtown attraction, called The Great Escape Room.

To our surprise, it turned out to be really fun!  We were locked in a room with the only way to escape or exit is to search for clues scattered around the room that would ultimately lead to finding the key that would let us out.  The game only allows an hour to escape!

As you can see from the picture, we were able to beat the game.  It took us 52  minutes.  The game was challenging but fortunately for us, we were teamed up with some smart people that were able to connect the dots, while I spent a lot of time scratching my head, confused.

If you are looking for something different and like puzzles and thinking games, you should give it a try.  I know we will go back.

2011 Florida Realtors® Trade Expo and Convention

The 2011 Florida Realtors® Trade Expo and Convention will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando Florida.  This is a great even that I attended last year and would encourage real estate agents throughout Florida to visit and take advantage of a session or two.

The event will be held on August 24th – 28th.  Convention information

Welcome to Near Orlando!

Live, play, work near Orlando

Orlando is known worldwide as being a fantastic place to live and visit!  We love Orlando too but we also know that there are so many great places near Orlando to live, play and visit.  That is why we created this site!  We want to share with you all that the Orlando and Central Florida area have to offer.

As real estate agents, we are also prepared to help you purchase a home near Orlando.

We will make sure we fill this site with exciting information aboout events, attractions and happenings near Orlando.  Some of what you will find here will include:

  • Homes for sale near Orlando
  • Attractions near Orlando
  • Dining near Orlando
  • Special events near Orlando

We hope you enjoy our posts.