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Selling a second home near Orlando

Selling a second home

There you are in New York, California, Canada or overseas reading about the Florida real estate market. You may be wondering how your property is doing in regards to appreciation, value and potential for selling. Perhaps you bought a second, or vacation home in years past, that you seldom use or bought just for investment reasons. Now you find yourself needing to sale.

The problem is being an absentee owner, who are you going to contact to assist you with this sale? It’s not like your local newspaper is inundated with ads from Florida Realtors offering their services. Here are a few suggestions to help you in selling property that you may own in Florida or any other state other than your own.

Choosing a REALTOR

It is important to make sure the Realtor you are considering is experienced, knows the market and can be trusted to provide you with the best possible service. You are hundreds or thousands of miles away, trust is especially important with this real estate transaction.

  • Will it be priced right to allow you to gain the most profit from your sale.
  • Will all paperwork be handled in a professional manner, be delivered to you in a timely way by mail, fax, nationwide courier service or e-mail?
  • Is there a toll free number available when only a phone call will do?
  • Does the Realtor possess the knowledge to procure a buyer for your particular property and the skill to bring the transaction to a successful closing?
  • Does this Realtor work for a company that can provide the additional services to make your transaction smooth and stress free.
  • Is this company a member of a National Relocation network, increasing the chances that additional buyers and Realtors from around the world will have an opportunity to gain information about your property?
  • Is there a menu of additional services available, an in-house mortgage company, an in-house title company, several offices and associates for greater exposure?

Watson Realty Corp. and I have  provided each and every customer the type of legendary quality service that our customers desire and should expect. Call or e-mail me today to determine if I am the right Realtor to help sell your property from afar. 407-304-0255