We have always had a fun time at the Post Time Lounge near Orlando

Post Time Lounge review

post time lounge near orlando

Every time we have visited the Post Time Lounge, we have had a good time.  Typically the music being played by a local band is 70-80’s and the dance floor is just big enough for some arm swinging dad dancing.

The Lounge is located at the corner of 17-92 and Dogtrack Rd. in Longwood.

It is always crowded when we have gone so seating and parking can be an issue but once inside, the service has been good and the beer cold.  We usually arrive late so we have never ordered food.

I am sure the Lounge is not for everyone but I if you are looking for middle to late aged folks cutting the rug, in my opinion, this is one of the places to check out.

I have heard them say there is a gator in every body of water in Florida

If there is water, there might be a gator

I have heard them say there is a gator in every body of water in Florida.

So I spent some time checking out the pond in the back of Ellen’s new listing in Saint Cloud, near Orlando.  I did see a turtle and some really big fish hugging the bank, but have yet to spot a gator.

We sold the St. Cloud home.  St. Cloud is near Orlando and offers plenty of outdoor water fun with or without gators.

Give us a call to buy or sell a home in St/ Cloud Florida.





Treating our customers to beautiful and tasty cakes from The Glass Knife

glass knife winter parkThese delicious cakes were purchased this morning in Winter Park at The Glass Knife.  This cake and cafe establishment is located at 276 S. Orlando, Winter Park, near Orlando.

We bought the cakes this morning to treat our customers signing papers to purchase a newly built home near  Championsgate. They look and taste amazing!





We rode in the Wounded Vet run this past weekend

Wounded Vet motorcycle run

Ellen and I participated in the Wounded Vet motorcycle run with several of our riding friends this weekend.  The ride started at Seminole Harley and ended downtown Orlando at Ace Cafe.

This is the firswounded vet motorcycle runt time we rode in an event with so many bikes.  Estimates were in the hundreds.  It was for a good cause and we were happy to give a little back to those who gave so much.

For more information on this and other events, you can visit TheyFoughtWeRide.com

Country Club of Orlando golf course reopens this weekend

country club orlandoEllen and I are excited that the Country Club of Orlando will be reopening this weekend after being closed for renovations since April of this year.

We are anxious to head back out and see the improvements.  Play starts this weekend however we will not be able to start working on our handicap until sometime next week.  Our schedules are packed with UCF football and our office party approaching.


Check out a new downtown restaurant. Ace Cafe

Ace Cafe

Ellen and I plus several of our riding friends have discovered a new place to hang out prior to or after a ride.  Ace Cafe is a neat place downtowace cafe orlandon Orlando that offers a variety of events, a restaurant and more.

We have been there on Saturday and Sunday mornings and just weekly attended a Thursday bike night.  Hundreds of riders and their cool bikes were in attendance.

Check out Ace Cafe.

Pet friendly homes near Orlando

Pet friendly

For many of us, the love and pet friendly home for salecompanionship of our beloved pets truly make our house a home. It is important when shopping for a new home or condo that you carefully view the home making sure it is pet friendly.

The following are suggestions to keep in mind when you are searching for a pet friendly home for sale.

  • Consider homes that offer stain-resistant ceramic tile, Pergo, linoleum or hardwood.
  • Does the home have an area to clean your pet prior to entering the main body of the house? A garage or mud type room might be perfect to clean up the pet in your family prior to it tracking in the remnants of the outside.
  • Check garages, crawl spaces, basements and utility sheds for exposed wiring that your pet may find to chew on.
  • Identify poisonous plants in yards and gardens that will need to be removed.
  • Take a look up, does the home have safe balconies? Can your pet slip through during play?
  • Keep your pets enjoyment in mind, are the windows easily accessible so your pet can lounge for hours on the window sill daydreaming?
  • Are there parks and walking trails nearby for the all important exercise of both you and your pet?
  • Check the fencing for gaps, holes or breaks where your pet might try and escape.
  • Pool home? Consider a child gate for protection.
  • Does the potential new home’s yard have an area of shade and room to roam?

Be sure to contact one of our professional staff and we will assist you in finding the perfect pet friendly home for sale for you, your family and your pets. 407-304-0255 or 407-765-4884

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