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Pet friendly homes near Orlando

Pet friendly

For many of us, the love and pet friendly home for salecompanionship of our beloved pets truly make our house a home. It is important when shopping for a new home or condo that you carefully view the home making sure it is pet friendly.

The following are suggestions to keep in mind when you are searching for a pet friendly home for sale.

  • Consider homes that offer stain-resistant ceramic tile, Pergo, linoleum or hardwood.
  • Does the home have an area to clean your pet prior to entering the main body of the house? A garage or mud type room might be perfect to clean up the pet in your family prior to it tracking in the remnants of the outside.
  • Check garages, crawl spaces, basements and utility sheds for exposed wiring that your pet may find to chew on.
  • Identify poisonous plants in yards and gardens that will need to be removed.
  • Take a look up, does the home have safe balconies? Can your pet slip through during play?
  • Keep your pets enjoyment in mind, are the windows easily accessible so your pet can lounge for hours on the window sill daydreaming?
  • Are there parks and walking trails nearby for the all important exercise of both you and your pet?
  • Check the fencing for gaps, holes or breaks where your pet might try and escape.
  • Pool home? Consider a child gate for protection.
  • Does the potential new home’s yard have an area of shade and room to roam?

Be sure to contact one of our professional staff and we will assist you in finding the perfect pet friendly home for sale for you, your family and your pets. 407-304-0255 or 407-765-4884